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About Us

Navier USN is a group of motivated engineering students developing autonomous vehicles for national and international competitions. Backed by a supporting organisation, our students are encouraged to explore new possibilities and develop new ideas. This makes Navier a group for acquiring technical knowledge as well as team-building skills.


As a team, we believe that learning is a continuous process that involves trial and error. Throughout our journey, we embrace unexpected challenges and learn from past failures, leading us to generate new ideas, and practical solutions. We use scientific models and theories to solve real-world engineering problems. Hence our name is inspired by the Navier Stokes equations, which characterizes the complex motion of liquids.

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Our Story

Navier USN was founded in 2022 by a select group of ambitious engineering students, who set out to apply theoretical knowledge to practical applications by developing autonomous vehicles. Starting with an autonomous boat as our initial project, the group began to attract students from diverse academic backgrounds. Today, our team includes students studying engineering and economics.


Our first upcoming competition is AutoDrone, to be held in Horten in late may 2023. Moving forward, we plan to continue developing our autonomous boat with a new and improved design in preparation for the Njord Challenge happening in August.

2023-01-18 15_20_15.jpg


Our goal for 2023 is two-fold.


Our first most definitive and concrete goal is to win the AutoDrone challenge in Horten, and similarly, the Njord Challenge in Trondheim. 

Our second goal is tied to our vision. We want to build a community for students who are willing to learn with us. Due to the nature of students and the nature of a community - it requires maintenance and will form and reform several times through what we hope is a long lifetime.

Our Team.

We are a growing organization, which means we are operating with yearly teams. Keep scrolling to see our history!

Team 2023/2024 coming soon.

The Team - 2022/2023

The team 2022/2023 was divided into four parts: Software, Mechanical, Marketing, and Management. These are all spread across different studies, including computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, visual communication, economics and management.


Aleksander Nordmo

Project Manager

As project manager for Navier, I facilitate the success of the rest of the team by ensuring they have all the necessary resources and tools to complete their tasks in the best way possible. I am motivated by the opportunity to contributing to the development of autonomous technologies with the Navier team. My ambitions is to integrate Navier in the university and its student community, make a sustainable culture for autonomous technologies, give student the chance to expand their own skills and contributing to a positive change in society. 

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Anders Faret-Moe

Deputy Lead

As Deputy Lead I catch different tasks, big and small, that supports the team or the project lead, but also oversee the finance. There are a wide range of tasks, some are related to project lead, communication, or organizational development. I am motivated by the challenges and variation of tasks, as well as the efficiency the team can perform when the conditions are right.

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Software Engineering

Edvart G. Bjerke

Software Engineer

I am part of the software department and work mainly with navigation, control and perception. I like to work with interface between hardware and software and develop software that use math and physics to control complex systems. Through the project I learn to work in team and find it incredibly exciting to be part of the entire development phase with both hardware and software. In the future I hope to work with development and implementation of control for complex and nonlinear systems.

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Mathias B. Hjelmervik

Software Engineer

At Navier I work with software. I enjoy working with unique and diverse challenges. My motivation is to build experience in a wide range of problems and working in a team. My tasks so far has been to set up a discord bot, router, and deep learning algorithms. I hope to be able to use others code and external libraries better through my experience in Navier.

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Mathias Mellingen

Software Engineer

I am part of the software department and focus on developing technologies that support the navigational capabilities. This includes developing solutions to detect and analyze objects and optimize the boats route. I find it awfully exciting to work with such an innovating projecting and cooperate with students across disciplines.

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Jarl B. Andersen

Software Engineer

Being a member of the software department in Navier, I develop our autonomous sea drone. I have a hand in developing and maintaining software and electronics which controls the drones movement, sensors, communications and other related technology. I find it highly illuminating, interesting and exciting to work with such an innovative and extensive project with an altogether cross-disciplinary team.

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Didrik Larsen

Software Engineer

I work in the software department and focus on network. We ensure the communication is effective between the components in the boat, as well as those on land connected to the boat. I joined the project to gain practical and real experience with computer engineering.

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Olavio Holm

Software Engineer

I am part of a software team and work mainly with developing the ROS system. My main reason for joining is gaining experience and knowledge in robotics and I want to develop myself as a team player. I also like free merch.

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Mechanical Engineering

Lise Trehjørningen

Mechanical Engineer

In the project, I design and develop the hull. I think it's exciting to find good solutions between design and function through 3D-modelling and testing. The project gives me both practical and theoretical  experience.

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Sondre N. Engeness

Mechanical Engineer

I'm in the mechanical department, contributing to designing and building the hull, as well as small parts such as waterproof boxes for components. I joined to get practical experience and deepen my studies.

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Lene B. Gråberget

Graphic Designer

My role in Navier is in the Marketing department where I am head of communication, meanwhile I developed the visual identity. For me it is rewarding to work with other people and be able to use the skills that I gained during my time at USN. It’s also an amazing opportunity to learn more, and from other fields. Last but not least, I enjoy the social aspect from this project.
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Emily F. Williams

Graphic Designer

I'm part of Navier's marketing department, and my main roles this far have been graphic design and photography. The reason I joined was to be able to use the skills and knowledge I've acquired during my time at USN, but also to get to work with people from different fields.
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Frida Skotte

Graphic Designer

I’m a part of Navier's marketing department, where I’ve worked on developing the logo. I’ve also helped with the website. The reasons I joined this project is because I wanted to challenge myself, contribute in a community, gain relevant experience and build a network. I've found the work to be espesially rewarding and uplifting. Moving forward, I hope to continue stepping out of my comfort zone.
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Camilla Sponnich

Graphic Designer

As part of the marketing department, I work with the website and social media. I joined the team because the project sounded interesting and wanted to use the skills and knowledge from my studies to present their work to the world. I also saw the opportunity to develop my skills in visual communication and to work with people from different fields.
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