2023-2024 team group image


Navier USN is a group of motivated students developing autonomous vehicles for national and international competitions. Backed by a supporting organisation, our students are encouraged to explore new possibilities and develop new ideas. This makes Navier a group for acquiring technical knowledge as well as team-building skills.

As a team, we believe that learning is a continuous process that involves trial and error. Throughout our journey, we embrace unexpected challenges and learn from past failures, leading us to generate new ideas, and practical solutions. We use scientific models and theories to solve real-world engineering problems. Hence our name is inspired by the Navier Stokes equations, which characterizes the complex motion of liquids.


Navier USN was founded in 2022 by a select group of ambitious engineering students, who set out to apply theoretical knowledge to practical applications by developing autonomous vehicles. Starting with an autonomous boat as our initial project, the group began to attract students from diverse academic backgrounds. Today, our team includes students studying engineering and economics.

Our first upcoming competition is AutoDrone, to be held in Horten in late may 2024. Moving forward, we plan to continue developing our autonomous boat with a new and improved design in preparation for the Njord Challenge happening in August.


In 2024 we have two goals. Our next goal is to win the AutoDrone challenge in Horten, and similarly, the Njord Challenge in Trondheim 2024.

Our second goal is tied to our vision. We want to build a community for students who are willing to learn with us. Due to the nature of students and the nature of a community - it requires maintenance and will form and reform several times through what we hope is a long lifetime.